Vitaly Didenko Turkmenistan Exquisite Art

Vitaly Didenko

Having been born into an artist’s family, Vitaly found himself looking at the world through a creative lens and from different perspectives from a young age, even as a young child; Maximalism and Nihilism were often part of his style of self-expression on the canvas.  

Later in life, Vitaly was exposed to different mediums, including ceramics, textiles, plastic, wood and making sculptures out of copper, bronze and steel. 

Exquisite Art Monica Aggarwal India

Monica Aggarwal

Originally from India, Monica Aggarwal spent her prime years in London, United Kingdom, where she trained and later began her teaching career. Before moving to London, Monica had dipped her toes into fashion, working as a designer and fashion coordinator. Whilst she loved teaching, Monica couldn’t help but look back fondly on her days in the manner and the creative outlet it afforded.

Exquisite Art Niall McWilliam

Niall McWilliam

Niall McWilliam is an accomplished artist whose journey has taken him from Scotland to the vibrant city of Singapore, where he currently resides and practices his art full-time. His body of work revolves around contemporary themes that invite viewers to draw upon their own diverse experiences, aiming to conjure moods that can be shared and enjoyed by all. Over the years, Niall has developed his painting techniques, mainly through layering materials, creating a stunning visual depth in his artwork.

Exquisite Art Daria Ivashchenko

Daria Ivashchenko

Daria Ivashchenko is a talented Ukrainian artist specialising in painting—her work centres on natural themes, exploring flora and fauna on land and underwater. Daria’s art also delves into the deep subconscious and identity, exploring the interaction between her inner and external worlds. She believes that humans are inseparable from all life on Earth, and these subconscious connections inspire her artworks.

Exquisite Art Margarita Buttenmueller

Margarita Buttenmueller

Margarita Buttenmueller is an artist based in Singapore whose primary focus is interior art in oil and acrylics. She was originally from Russia and lived in Germany, the UK, the USA, and Singapore. While in London, Margarita attended art classes at various schools, including The Art Academy, Morley College, and Central Saint Martins. In 2012, she started taking lessons from a Russian artist, Olga Bliznetsova, in Singapore but did not take it seriously then.

Exquisite Art Raina Kim Li Singapore

Raina Kim Li

Kim Li, Raina 金麗, is the artist behind ReiBorn in Singapore, Raina was trained in and practised architecture until 2014, when she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of being an artist. Having lived in New York, Santiago, Tokyo, and Silicon Valley before settling back home, her art has evolved over the years; having previously focused on the expression of self, she now casts the eye inwards to the workings of the heart, mind, and spirit.  

Meley Law Hong Kong Exquisite Art

Meley Law (Hong Kong)

Born in Hong Kong, Meley is an accomplished artist and painter who has received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Painting with Distinction from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Diploma in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and Diploma in Art and Design from Manchester Metropolitan University.  

Travelling the world during her early 20s, Meley’s relaxed and serene mindset led her to a once-in-a-lifetime experience which in turn led her artworks to be essentially landscape formats done in an abstract style.

Farrukh Negmatzade Tajkistan Exquisite Art

Farrukh Negmatzade (Tajikistan)

A world-famous painter and graphic artist and a member of the Union of Artists of Tajikistan, Farrukh was born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and graduated from the Moscow State Art. Faithful to national traditions dating back centuries, Farrukh incorporates his passion for metaphor signs, ornamental motifs, and ancient oriental miniatures into his artworks.  

In his paintings, Farrukh presents modern Tajikistan: the rural life of residents with its simple way and leisurely rhythm, where he aims to immerse his viewers in the natural world of real beings.  

Mami Ishibashi - Exquisite Art

Mami Ishibashi (Japan)

Having pursued a dynamic career in the music and entertainment industry since she was just 18 years old, music has long been a big part of Mami’s life. Growing up with a mother who was a painter, the world of art was another familiar environment for her, but she never picked up the brush herself until a few years ago. After moving to Singapore in 2015, Mami expanded her artistic pursuits, developing a passion for painting. She has been exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions across Asia and Europe as a contemporary artist since 2016. 


Marjan Motavvef - Exquisite Art

Marjan Motavvef (Iran)

Hailing from Iran, Marjan began painting and pursuing her passion for art when she moved to Singapore. In 2008, she obtained a certificate from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in Western Oil Painting. Apart from her interest in art, Marjan also holds a Bachelor of Science from the Isfahan Medical University, Iran. 

Farukh Ahmadaliev - Exquisite Art

Farukh Ahmadaliev (Uzbekistan)

Farukh was born in 1982.

2000 – graduated from the Republican Art College.

2002-2005 – studying at the Art Institute. K. Behzod.

2004 – joined the creative group “Sarchashma” (“Spring”).

2007 – exhibition “Tetragon”.

Aprajita Chadha - Exquisite Art

Aprajita Chadha (India)

Aprajita Chadha’s passion for the arts compelled her to study Textile Design in India and Japanese Sumi-E in Japan, honing a diverse set of artistic talent through formal education. She later moved to Singapore to expand her abstract contemporary work skills at the LASALLE College of the Arts.  


Ayna Nuryyeva - Exquisite Art

Ayna Nuryyeva (Turkmenistan)

Uniting with a large group of painters and graphic artists from the Turkmen city of Mary in the framework of the Mary Painting School. 1984 – an exhibition of young artists from Mary in Moscow, a receptive spoiled metropolitan audience.

Rahman Umarov (Turkmenistan) - Exquisite Art

Rahman Umarov (Turkmenistan)

Rahman is an outstanding representative of easel painting, Master of Ceramic Art. 1968 – was born in the village Talhanbazar of the Lebap velayat. 1987 – graduated from the Ashgabat Art School named after Shota Rustaveli and Tashkent Theater and Art Institute.

Surai Akmuradova - Exquisite Art

Surai Akmuradova (Turkmenistan)

1959 – was born in the village of Geokcha, Mary province, Turkmenistan, she lived in the of Baranovichi, Belarus. 1977 – graduated from secondary school. 1981 – studied at the art school named after Shota Rustaveli in the city of Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), which she graduated with honors.

Natalia Denisko (Russia) - Exquisite Art

Natalia Denisko (Russia)

Natalia began painting when she took a fine art course while studying humanities in Russia; she then went on to gain a degree in business management in Shanghai. Since moving to Singapore and completing many art courses at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and LASALLE College of the Arts, Natalia rediscovered her passion for painting.

Nikolay Didenko - Exquisite Art

Nikolay Didenko (Turkmenistan)

Nikolay Didenko was born in 1953 in Mary, Turkmenistan. In 1974 he graduated Arts College. From 1980 Didenko became Lenin’s Komsomol Prize Winner, Ashgabat, till 1982, he worked in the studio of Sergey Zarovnov in “Sinezh,” creating works of art in the engraving technique, designed books of Turkmen writers.

Ellie Lasthiotaki - Exquisite Art

Ellie Lasthiotaki (Greece)

Ellie Lasthiotaki is a Greek artist who is currently based in Singapore. Ellie grew up on the stunning island of Crete; as such, the sea continues to play an integral role in her daily life and, naturally, flows into her artistic creations.  

Drawing inspiration from her childhood in Crete and her home country, Ellie’s colour palettes typically incorporate the yellows of the mesmerising sun, the blues of the horizon and the emerald greens of the oceans. 

Anuradha Kabra India Exquisite Art

Anuradha Kabra

Originally from Jodhpur, India, Anuradha Kabra has called Singapore home for the past decade. Anuradha was introduced to art and music early as a fine artist and musician. Frequently exposed to various artists, Anuradha combined her love for vibrancy and the precision used in some creations to evolve her unique style of blending pencil with vibrant watercolours and chalk pastels on paper.

Debdut Maiti - Exquisite Art

Debdut Maiti (India)

Debdut was born in 1977 in India.

In 2000 he graduated as a mechanical engineer. He has since worked in the field of Information Technology in several different countries. He moved to Singapore in 2008. He is currently both a Director in an IT company and an Indian artist based in Singapore.

Ankita Chatterjee - Exquisite Art

Ankita Chatterjee (India)

Ankita Chatterjee is an academician, trained educator, and full-time artist certified in Western Art from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), Singapore.  

Despite her extensive education in the arts, Ankita describes herself as a “student of art” and believes that art is a journey of continuous learning about oneself and the world at large. This journey can never be completed.  

Ayda Alp (Turkey) - Exquisite Art

Ayda Alp (Turkey)

Ayda believes in vibrations, energies and the power of colours in healing, love, balance, tranquillity, and serenity. The transformation with colours helps you reach beyond yourself and connect with something more significant, more comprehensive, and more profound.

She always starts with the intention of energy and wants to bring through since each colour reflects a type of vibration: Love, Harmony, Peace, Happiness… Ayda also uses healing crystals like amethyst, agate, jade, lapis lazuli, hematite, etc. as the energy boosters of our physical body which connects with our mental, emotional and spiritual body.

Siti Nurbaini Selamat - Exquisite Art

Siti Nurbaini Selamat (Singapore)

A Singapore born and raised, Siti an emerging artiste whose work showcases her vibrant personality, through the use of distinctively bright and lively colours, created by a variety of aggressive brush strokes and use of the pallet knife technique!

Larissa Orfanidou - Exquisite Art

Larissa Orfanidou (Greece)

Larisa Orfanidou was born in Kazakhstan on 15 October 1968 now she lives in Greece.  Larisa is a professional wool artist and writer. Her mission is to create art that is a reflection of passion for life and a positive approach to every aspect of today’s realities.

Sharing passion and happiness with the rest of the world will only make it grow stronger. Her feel privileged to have found two things that She loves in life: poetry and painting with alternative materials. She has been writing poems and songs in Kazakhstan since She was seven years old and started wool art journey a  few years ago.

Volha Bazyleva - Exquisite Art

Volha Bazyleva (Belarus)

Currently based in Singapore, Volha Bazyleva was born in Belarus and has loved drawing since she was a child.  

After pursuing her tertiary education at the Institute of Business in Minsk (Belarus) and moving to Germany after graduation to start a corporate career, Volha later relocated to Italy, following her passion for creativity and taking up a role as an art teacher.

Olga Ibadullayeva - Exquisite Art

Olga Ibadullayeva (Ukraine)

Olga’s path as an artist started at 4 years old in Ukraine when her mother brought her to the art school as she sensed her interest in drawing. Since that time her life, work and education were continuously filled with arts in different instances. From basic art school, through graduating from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, through multiple art-travel tours across museums of Europe, US, and Asia – to work challenges in commercial design and digital graphics, and back to fine arts. And here Olga is painting in Singapore where the life routes and family have led her to.

Yulia McGrath - Exquisite Art

Yulia McGrath (Russia)

Yulia McGrath moved to Singapore from Russian Federation in 2008 and has been based in the city-state ever since. With a degree from the Moscow State University, Yulia initially moved to pursue her Doctorate in Applied Physics. 

Having nurtured a love for art since she was young, Yulia continues to pursue her passion alongside her commitments as a researcher. Spending the evenings and weekends painting enables her to unwind from her stressful daily life.  

Samantha Redfern - Exquisite Art

Samantha Redfern (United Kingdom)

Samantha is a British Fine Artist Living in Singapore. She graduated with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting in 2004 in the English city of Bath before moving into a career in sales.

Upon starting a family Samantha started working as a freelance artist. Painting pet and family portraits.
However, she soon realised her heart wasn’t in it and she began her journey into abstract painting.

April Alexander - Exquisite Art

April Alexander (United Kingdom)

Veronique Jonassen - Exquisite Art

Veronique Jonassen (Norway)

Veronique Kathrina Jonassen is a French-Norwegian artist based in Hong Kong. Born on the west coast of Norway, raised in Togo, educated in France and the US, she has been living in Asia for more than ten years. Veronique has explored many countries and cultures, which are her source of inspiration. Fascinated by the icy cold Northern landscapes, she is also in love with dancing and colourful ethnic patterns, all visible in her art.

Suying Liu (China) - Exquisite Art

Suying Liu (China)

Originating from the Hebei Province, Suying Liu has devoted her life to painting.  

After specialising in Fine Arts at Hebei Normal University, Liu became a middle school art teacher; during this time, she relished the opportunity to share her passion with the younger generations.  

Liu’s work uses Chinese ink on paper. Freehand characters painted with ink are often seen across the artist’s works, which aim to shed light on the people and culture of China in days gone by. 

Liubing Jiang - Exquisite Art

Liubing Jiang (China)

Veronica S. Yun (South Korea) - Exquisite Art

Veronica S. Yun (South Korea)

Veronica S. Yun is a South Korean wildlife artist based in Singapore. All creatures in her series have various colours of nature. She gets inspiration from the sea and the sky which changes colours depends on time, depth and weather. She participated in Tatinis art fair in May 2019, following her first exhibition in December 2017.

Shiv Kumar Soni - Exquisite Art

Shiv Kumar Soni (India)

Shiv Kumar Soni is the young artist from Rajasthan, India. Born and brought up in Bidasar, Churu, he moved to Jaipur to pursue the career of his dreams and graduated in a bachelor’s in visual art, from Rajasthan school of art, Jaipur. The imaginative painter likes to paint with acrylic colour in water coloured style and has craved it as an exclusive technique. Quiet an observer Shiv likes to drench his paintings with the things he saw and observed in childhood.

Sreya Gupta - Exquisite Art

Sreya Gupta (India)

Harshada Khare (India)

Harshada Khare

Harshada Khare is an Indian artist born and raised in Mumbai, currently based in Hong Kong, where she has lived for more than six years.

From a background in Technology, Harshada has worked for some early-stage IT ventures in India & Hong Kong. Harshada has always been an art fanatic, whether dancing during childhood or some rare drawing & sketching during her school days.

Simran Daga - Exquisite Art

Simran Daga (India)

Simran Daga was born in 1996 in India. She is an Artist and a Jewelry Designer. The technique of creating paintings Simran is unique, and she is using Natural stones by splitting them into small pieces.
Since 15 years old Simran is making jewellery designs and having an immense interest in art and craft, paintings, sketches, portraits etc.
After post-graduation, she decided to do something different in paintings. So, Simran started to do research…

Samiran Sarkar - Exquisite Art

Samiran Sarkar (India)

Sonali Mohanty - Exquisite Art

Sonali Mohanty

Dilmurod Yuldashev -Exquisite Art

Dilmurod Yuldashev (Uzbekistan)

Dilmurod Yuldashev was born on November 24th in 1955 in Tashkent. In 1982 graduated from the Nizami Tashkent Pedagogical University, the Faculty of the artistic graphic. Since 1998 is a member Creative Association of Artists of Uzbekistan.

Dilmurod Yuldashev is a versatile artist, which has established himself in the genres of still life and landscape painting.

Dilorom Mamedova - Exquisite Art

Dilorom Mamedova (Uzbekistan)

Khurshid Ziyakhanov - Exquisite Art

Khurshid Ziyakhanov (Uzbekistan)

Khurshid Ziyakhanov was born in 1958 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In 1987 he finished the Theatrical Institute, where he studied graphic design. Since then he has worked as a graphics designer for publishing houses. He has also taken part in various exhibitions in his home country and abroad.

Umar Radjabov (Uzbekistan) - Exquisite Art

Umar Radjabov (Uzbekistan)

Artist-painter was born in 1985 in t Khazarasp village, in Khorezm. He received a secondary education in the Lyceum of Arts in Khorezm. After graduating from the Lyceum, he entered the Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Behzod for the Department of Monumental Painting. Member of the Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He is a prize-winner of many international exhibitions in particular in Sweden, Czech Republic, India. Works of the artist can be found in private collections all around the world.

Saidbek Sabirbayev - Exquisite art

Saidbek Sabirbayev (Uzbekistan)

Abdukhakim Karimov - Exquisite Art

Abdukhakim Karimov (Uzbekistan)

Abdukhakim Karimov was born on May 18th in Tashkent.

In 1984 he graduated from the Benkov School of Fine Art in Tashkent. In 1992, he graduated from the faculty of monumental art in the Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture named after Mannon Uygʻur.

Knowledge of practices and technique of medieval miniature and academic painting formed special visionary of Abdukhakim Karimov.

Roger Fayziev - Exquisite Art

Roger Fayziev (Uzbekistan)

Roger Fayziev was born in 1968 in Krasnoyarsk. In 1987, he graduated from the Republican Special Art School in Tashkent. He is a member of the Artist’s Union at the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan. Roger is also a master of martial arts and a doctor of Oriental medicine – the influence of Eastern philosophy is also felt in his work.


Shakhnoz Abdullaeva - Exquisite Art

Shakhnoz Abdullaeva (Uzbekistan)

Shukhrat Abdumalikov - Exquisite Art

Shukhrat Abdumalikov (Abdumalikof, Uzbekistan)

Shukhrat was born in 1970 in Samarkand. In 1989 he graduated from the Republican Art College named after P. Benkov.

In 1995 he graduated from the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute.

Yuriy Grebenyuk - Exquisite Art

Yuriy Grebenyuk (Uzbekistan)

A self-taught artist from Dnepropetrovsk in Ukraine, currently living in  Uzbekistan, Yuriy is an Artist-painter and Graphic Artist who is a member of the Union of Artists at the Academy of Arts, Uzbekistan.  

Yuriy works with different techniques and art directions, including watercolour, oil, graphics, and avant-garde trends.

Vasiliy Lukonin - Exquisite Art

Vasiliy Lukonin (Uzbekistan)

Eugene Melnikov - Exquisite Art

Eugene Melnikov (Uzbekistan)

Eugene Melnikov: the painter, the poet, and the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan.

Born in Buzuluk, Russia, Eugene has lived in Uzbekistan since 1948. In 1953, he completed the Benkov Republican Art School, and in 1960 the Ostrovsky State Theatre and Art Institute in Tashkent.

Muhammad Fozili - Exquisite Art

Muhammad Fozili (Uzbekistan)

Muhammad Fazilov was born on 5 February, 1959 in Pakhtabad (Uzbekistan). In 1980 he graduated architectural faculty of SamGASI (Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute), and at the same time he completed restoration school at professor V. Yu.

Dilyafrus Demeeva - Exquisite Art

Dilorom Mamedova (Uzbekistan)

Dilshod Eshmatov - Exquisite Art

Dilshod Eshmatov (Uzbekistan)


Member of the Association of Artists, Art Critics and Folk Artists “IJOD”.

Laureate of the Festival of Traditional and Contemporary Art “Navkiron Uzbekiston-2006”. He was born in the village of Mindon of the Ferghana region of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1977. He graduated from the Painting Department of the Tashkent Art College. P. Benkov.

Nurillo Khudaymuradov - Exquisite Art

Nurillo Khudaymuradov (Uzbekistan)

Nurillo Khudaymuradov was born on 20 November 1960 in village Zarabag, Sherabad district, Surkhandarya region, Uzbekistan. The first mentors of the artist were his brother Narzullo Khubullayev, Babaniyaz Kurbanov, and the master of Uzbek painting Ruzi Charyev.

lena Spencer - Exquisite Art

Elena Spencer (Russia)

Ildar Karimov - Exquisite Art

Ildar Karimov (Kazakhstan)

The Graduate of the Moscow Higher Art and Industrial School (former Stroganovsky)
Member of the Professional Union of Designers of Kazakhstan
Works are in the CIS countries, America, Canada, Israel, Germany

Natalie Wiswell - Exquisite Art

Natalie Wiswell (Russian Federation)

Natalie was born in Russia to a Russian-Ukrainian family and grew up in Siberia, where she absorbed the spirit of nature and a multicultural environment. She underwent a big influence from her grandmother, who was a spiritual person and from her parents who were mathematicians and always looked for answers beyond the visible reality.

Her first experience with art was observing the Orthodox icons on the wall of her grandmother’s bedroom, where little Natalie slept and played as her grandmother prayed.

Fedor Petrik - Exquisite Art

Fedor Petrik (Russia)

Olga Belka - Exquisite Art

Olga Belka (Russia)

Olga Belka is a professional underwater artist, the only underwater portraitist in the world. She developed a unique technology of painting in saltwater, allowing her to paint pictures from nature, detailing the smallest details of the underwater world.


Natalya Klimova - Exquisite Art

Natalya Klimova (Russian Federation)

Natalya Klimova was born in 1991 in the city of Nizhny Novgorod. From 2006 to 2011, Natalya attended Nizhny Novgorod Art College, which she successfully completed and received praise from the Board of the State Attestation Commission for graduation work. From 2012 to 2018 – study at the Saint-Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture named after I.E. Repin. She received a diploma with honors with a top grade for the graduation work “The Medieval Theatre”.

Sergey Stepanov - Exquisite Art

Sergey Stepanov (Russia)

Tatiana Alieva - Exquisite Art

Tatiana Alieva (Azerbaijan)

Tatiana Alieva was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, and graduated from the National University of Azerbaijan with a Biology degree. During four years in Moscow, she studied art alongside Russian artists now widely recognized for their artistic achievements. She and her family then moved to Wellington, New Zealand, where her creative passion blossomed, capturing the spectacular city, ocean, and mountain scenery.

Anton Melentiev - Exquisite Art

Anton Melentiev (Russian Federation)

Anton Melentiev was born on November 25, 1987, in Novosibirsk. From 2004 to 2009, he studied at the Novosibirsk State Art College and was qualified as an artist and a tutor. From 2012 to 2018 – study at the Saint Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture named after I.E. Repin.

Natalia Novikova - Exquisite Art

Natalia Novikova (Russia)

Sergey Smirnov - Exquisite Art

Sergey Smirnov (Russia)

In 1999 I became interested in Hip-Hop culture, namely graffiti, this was the beginning of my career. Subsequently, the graffiti was relegated to the 2nd plan, replaced by street art and experiments on the canvas. In 2004 entered Cherepovets State University at the graphic art faculty, and from that moment began to try to paint on canvas. graduated in 2009. Main Directions Pop Art, Street Art.

Evgeniia Mishchenko - Exquisite Art

Evgeniia Mishchenko (Russia)

Evgeniia was born in a small city by the Black Sea Yalta in Russia.
She studied as director of public events at Kyiv National University of Art and Culture. Her story of how she became an artist is not average. She begins her adult way after school and went to University after that she started to travel a lot and look for herself.

Konstantin Golovin - Exquisite Art

Konstantin Golovin (Ukraine)

Gonca Yengin - Exquisite Art

Gonca Yengin

“Each tiny detail of life is part of who we are. Becoming united with these small pieces makes life meaningful.” By combining details of both micro and macro worlds in various media, Gonça’s artwork reflects this unity, while also revealing the mysteries hidden in the details.

Amirbek Narimanbekov - Exquisite Art

Amirbek Narimanbekov EKS (Azerbaijan)

Tamilla Gasanova (Azerbaijan) - Exquisite Art

Tamilla Gasanova (Azerbaijan)

Teymur Daimi - Exquisite Art

Teymur Daimi (Azerbaijan)

Visual artist, filmmaker, PhD, Teymur Daimi is a multimedia artist, film-maker, philosopher (PhD), art & film critic, theorist of culture, art-consultant, art teacher, publicist who studied at the Azimzadeh College of Art and at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art. His professional interest lies in interdisciplinary activity comprehending visual arts, filmmaking, experimental cinema, theory of perception, art writing, pedagogical practice, neurophysiology, psycho-technologies, anthropological practices.

Imran Nurali - Exquisite Art

Imran Nurali (Azerbaijan)

Imran Nur-Ali is a mystic from painting. An artist by education, one day he felt more than an artist. According to him, the same fracture occurred with him on the day of the death of Salvador Dali. He had a vision that he should become the successor of this great painter in his mission on Earth.

Gunel Ravilova - Exquisite Art

Gunel Ravilova (Azerbaijan)

Shukhrat Abdumalikov (Abdumalikof, Uzbekistan)

Shukhrat Abdumalikov (Abdumalikof, Uzbekistan)

Shukhrat was born in 1970 in Samarkand. In 1989 he graduated from the Republican Art College named after P. Benkov. In 1995 he graduated from the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute. Painting, for Shukhrat Abdumalikov, born in 1970 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, is not just a hobby. It is a way of life with a constant search for theme, colour, and form.

Victoria Bordier (France)

Victoria Bordier

Victoria is a French-Russian painter artist, born into a family of chemist engineers. I have loved painting since my earliest childhood… At first, I painted on everything around me: the walls, the curtains, the tapestry… Later, I studied for two years in a painting workshop and finally at the School of Fine Arts for four years (1978). I received my graduation as a painter artist at 16 years old, and then my high school degree at 18 years old (1980).

Katarina Victor-Thomas (Monaco) - Exquisite Art

Katarina Victor-Thomas (Monaco)