1926 - was born in Omsk.

1951-1956 - teaching at the art-graphic faculty of the Moscow Polygraphic Institute.

1959-1975 - the emergence of interest in Western art (Picasso, Matisse) and work in the studio of experimental painting and graphics by Elia Belyutin, who united progressive artists seeking a way out of the prevailing socialist realism.

The end of the 1960s. - Exhibition in the cafe "Blue Bird".

The end of the 1960s - the beginning of the 1970s. - apartment exhibitions.

1962-1975 - Exhibitions in the village of Abramtsevo at the dacha of the artist E. Belyutin.

1975 - participation in the exhibition in the House of Culture at VDNH.

The end of the 1960s - the 1970s. - Exhibitions in the city committee of graphic artists in Malaya Gruzinskaya.

1990 - the exhibition "New Reality: from the Manege to the Manege, Artists of the E.Belyutin Studio" in the Moscow Arena.

2000 - exhibition "Rehearsal of the Orchestra" in the museum "Other Art".

Schematic heroes, absolute freedom of fantasy, deep emotionality are characteristic features of the artist's work. Some of the early paintings are close to expressionism, and some are exclusively abstract. In some artworks from the 70's to the present day, the artist develops a musical theme - from the moment he was impressed by the experiments of Picasso with the violin. With the passage of time, Shestakov's works on this subject became more abstract and expressive, and the instruments and practices of musicians varied.

The last masterpieces of the artist are sound themes of free flight and self-realisation, the search for the way by humankind.

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Oil on canvas, 62*42, 1991

Music – Bard

Oil on canvas, 64*69, 1974

Music – Elegy

Gouache on paper, 54*41, 1994

Music – Music

Mixed media on canvas, 54*41, 1991

Music – Musical Sketch

Mixed media on canvas, 63*43, 1989

Music – Prelude

Gouache on cardboard, 47*47, 1993

Music – Sad melody

Gouache on paper, 54*42, 1994