Painter, an artist of monumental and decorative art. The author of still lifes, landscapes, genre compositions.
1924 - was born in Kharkov.
Member of the fighting in the Great Patriotic War.
1947-1953 - studying at the Kharkov State Art Institute in M.Shaposhnikov, A.Lyubimsky, L.Chernov, M.Rybalchenko, P.Kotov.
1951 - participation of republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions.
1956 - member of the CWCSU.
1967 - awarding the Silver Medal of the Academy of Arts of the USSR for the painting "In the Name of Life."
1968 - awarding the Silver Medal named after M.B. Grekova.
1972-76; 1981-98 - Chairman of the Painting Section of the School of Artists of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
1974 - participation in the creation of the diorama "Forcing the Dnieper" in co-authorship with A. Constantinople, V. Mokrozhitsky, V. Parchevsky for the Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Kiev.
1978 - Professor of the Kharkov Institute of Art and Industry.
1984 - recognition of the People's Artist of Ukraine.
1989, 1995,1998 - personal exhibitions in Kharkov.
1997 - personal exhibitions in Simferopol.
1997 - becomes a corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine.
The artist's works are in many regional museums and private collections.
1998 - died in Kharkov.



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