The nonconformist artist, a representative of the underground, in works - realism, abstract art, porcelain artist.
1933 - the year of birth.
1947 - received an initial art education in the art and craft school at Dulevo Porcelain Factory. Here, the porcelain paintings were painted, which gave a good artistic training, a rare profession and an opportunity to survive in the hardest post-war years.
1950 - Return to the Dulev Porcelain Factory and the creation of many unique works stored in the museums of Istra, Sergiev Posad, Kuskovo, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Yegoryevsk. Many of the artist's print runs were purchased by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR and the RSFSR, were exhibited in Russia and abroad.
The main artist of the Moscow Regional Art Fund and the Works of Art.
1955-1961 - training at the Leningrad Higher School of Art and Industry. IN AND. Fly.
1964 - membership in the Union of Artists.
1967 - work in the studio E.M. Belyutin "The New Reality". From that time the artist-abstractionist's path began.

In recent years, the artist turned to easel painting: landscape, still life, portraits.
2013 - personal exhibition "The connection of times" in the Egorievsky Historical and Art Museum, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the artist.
The artist's works are in many museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.
In the artworks, there is always a desire to connect tradition with the most modern sharp painterly solutions. I strove to combine elements of structural painting with modern impulsive and art means to materialize the artist's reaction to the surrounding reality.



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Old Temple

Oil on canvas, 113*91, 1991