Painter-academic, a robust historical painter, portraitist, representative of the Leningrad realistic school of painting.

1917 - was born in Petrograd.

1934-1938 - Training in LPHU (Artistic and Pedagogical School in Tavricheskaya Street) from SN Butler, SA Chugunov, NV Levitsky, MA Aslamazyan.

1937 - the first exhibition of sketches of the artist in the Tavrichesky school in Leningrad.

1938-1950 - training in IZHSA in MD Bernshtein, DI Kiplik, VP Belkin, PS Naumov, ending with a thesis "M. V. Lomonosov - the father of Russian science "- a painting that replenished the museum of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov in Moscow.

1939 - participation in the Soviet-Finnish war.

1941-1945 - defense of the homeland on the Leningrad front in a particular unit to disguise the ships of the Baltic Fleet, later - as a politruk of a rifle company, went through battles during the breakthrough of the blockade, when the Neva was forced to march near Marino, during the liberation of Shlisselburg; After his wound in 1943, he returned to the front; in 1945, demobilized in the rank of lieutenant, was awarded medals and the Order of the Red Star.

1950-1951 - Deputy director of IZHSA them. I. Repin, later the rector of the Institute.

1950 - membership in the Leningrad Union of Artists (SH), participation in exhibitions with the genre, historical compositions, portraits, landscapes, still lifes, etudes.

1951-1953 - Assistant of the Drawing Department, training in the workshop of the Academy of Arts from B. V. Ioganson.

1950-1960 - During trips to the Urals, Kama, Baikal, Karelia, to the White Sea, Buryatia, Italy, Germany, Czechoslovakia, various etudes and historical sketches were written.

1950-1970 - compelling portraits were written (sculptor V. Lishev, diver Dombrovsky, designer PN Lugovtsev, N. Altman).

1970-1980 - participation in All-Union, Zonal, Republican exhibitions.

1986, 1988, 1989 - exhibitions in Stuttgart.

1985-1992 - participation in exhibitions and auctions of painting L 'Ecole de Leningrad in Paris.

1976-1978 - an exhibition of modern Soviet art in Kyoto in Japan.

1994 - buried in the columbarium of the St. Petersburg crematorium.

1995 - the posthumous exhibition of his works in the hall of the RSFSR CX on Okhta.

2017 - a large-scale solo exhibition of the artist's works in the International Exhibition Center "Petersburg Artist".

His works are in the collection of the Russian Museum, NIMRAH, the Moscow State University Museum, the Moscow Museum of the Revolution, art galleries of Novokuznetsk, Irkutsk, private collections in Russia, Japan, France, the USA, other countries.



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