Originally from Jodhpur (India), Anuradha Kabra has made Singapore her home since the past decade. Her induction into art & music started at a very young age from her mother (Kamla Kabra) and father (Brijbhushan Kabra – one of the co-creators of Call Of The Valley - the highest-selling album in Indian classical music till date with international acclaim), both well-known artists.
Anuradha’s love of vibrancy in Van Gogh’s works & the precision of Escher’s creations led to her evolving her unique style of blending pencil with vibrant water-colours and chalk pastels on paper. Her curiosity and sincere interest in mythology and mysticism are reflected in her artworks. Her recent works explore the synthesis of culture with faiths & beliefs and the mystery of creation. She is working on her new series which explores the symbolism of mythological animals across various cultures and exploring the world of the airborne creatures – birds, which fascinate her with their spirit and freedom.
She has been part of collective shows like the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore in 2017 and 2018, and amongst others in Singapore and India. She was the featured artist at the Indonesian Economic Forum in Jakarta in 2016. Her last solo show in Hyderabad, India was hosted by Kalakriti Art Gallery. In the world of contemporary representational art, she is considered one of the artists to look out for.

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