Ayda believes in vibrations, energies and the power of colours in healing, love, balance, tranquillity, and serenity. The transformation with colours helps you reach beyond yourself and connect with something more significant, more comprehensive, and more profound.

She always starts with the intention of energy and wants to bring through since each colour reflects a type of vibration: Love, Harmony, Peace, Happiness... Ayda also uses healing crystals like amethyst, agate, jade, lapis lazuli, hematite, etc. as the energy boosters of our physical body which connects with our mental, emotional and spiritual body.  The way she uses the colour and crystals as therapy is truly holistic which dates back thousands of years. The healing crystals and colours that Ayda uses combined with sacred geometry create a vibration that amplifies our thoughts and feelings. Besides the colour and the semi-precious stones, she applies essential oils in the paint and smudges all canvases with sage and lavender or palo santo. 

Ayda sees each painting as living energy and uses rich texture to bring them to the 3D world.


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Flower of Life

Mixed media on canvas, 70*100, 2015

Go With The Flow

Mixed media on canvas, 30*30, 2019


Mixed media on canvas, 76*100, 2014

Medicine Wheel

Mixed media on canvas, 61*61, 2019


Mixed media on canvas, 30*30, 2020

Red Lotus

Mixed media on canvas, 30*30 cm, 2019

Seed of Life

Mixed media on canvas, 61*61, 2020


Mixed media on canvas, 76*76, 2019