Evgeniia was born in a small city by the Black Sea Yalta in Russia.
She studied director of public events in Kiev National University of Art and Culture.
Her story of how she became an artist is not average.
She begins her adult way after the school, went to University after that she starts to travel a lot and to look for herself. Jenya used to work in different fields in China, Dubai, Indonesia, Singapore. After all the research she was impressed with experiences, meetings with a lot of different cultures and peoples that she decided to express her feelings on canvas. The first collection was created in Indonesia on Bali Island. In 2016 in Russia was the first exhibition in one of the best and famous Gallery in Yalta city "House of compositors" where she got her debut and recognition.
Now Evgeniia working on different projects in Art including fashion industry and painting on clothing.
She experiments and works with a variety of different techniques with oil, acrylic. Her favourite subject is to study people, their essence, to go deep into things, she works a lot with portraits and eyes - the mirror of a soul.

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Balinese Girl

Acrilyc on canvas, 90*70, 2015

Crying Tulips

Acrylic on canvas, 100*80, 2016

Deep Forest

Acrilyc on canvas, 69*59, 2015

Deep Forest II

Acrilyc on canvas, 100*70, 2015

Far Away

Acrilyc on canvas, 59*49, 2015


Oil on canvas, 100*75, 2016

In Your Arms

Mixed media on canvas, 80*70, 2015


Oil on canvas, 102*76, 2016


Acrilyc on canvas, 80*70, 2015