Farrukh Negmat-zade was born in 1959 in the city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan. In 1983, he graduated from the Moscow Secondary Art School at the USSR Academy of Arts, a graduate of the Moscow State Art Institute Surikov.

A world-famous painter and graphic artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Tajikistan, he is faithful to national traditions dating back centuries. This is a passion for metaphor signs, ornamental motifs, and appeal to ancient oriental miniatures. The main character in the artist’s painting is a man, the crown of nature. The artist is concerned about topics familiar to each of us: universal joy, sadness, love, separation, childhood, youth, old age .. Farrukh’s solo exhibitions were held in all European capitals, sixteen countries of the world, in nine US cities. Works are in museums and private collections in more than 60 countries of the world.

Farrukh Negmatzade in his paintings shows modern Tajikistan: rural life of local residents with its simple way and leisurely rhythm. As a rule, the author’s paintings immerse the viewer in the natural world of unpretentious being.

Images of the artist are sustained in a rather strict realistic manner and sometimes seem unexpected. His canvases are designed in a rather strict realistic manner, sometimes they seem somewhat unexpected.

In the artist’s work, we can see mountain landscapes, residents of remote areas, nature and animals of Tajikistan, the beauty of Tajik women. The motives of his paintings are not intricate. These are everyday scenes, landscapes, portraits. In addition, the artist prefers a restrained color scheme. Such a stingy palette is characteristic, first of all, for landscapes, modest, artless, like ordinary sketches. Female portraits and genre scenes are more sonorous.

In general, Negmatzade is known in Tajikistan and other countries due to his landscapes and portraits with images of the republic's natives. The artist presented his work at the largest exhibition of fine art in the world, Art Expo-2017 in New York. All his paintings were united by a common theme entitled "Tajikistan is my land."
He is a regular participant in republican, union and foreign exhibitions.

Exhibition History:

The Soviet period (1975-1992) - more than 100 All-Union and Republican exhibitions;

• 1976 - Personal exhibition in inst. them. Surikova (Moscow);
• 1988 - Personal exhibition De Raip (Holland);
• 1994 - Personal exhibition of Boulder Colorado (USA);
• 2005 - Personal exhibition at the Embassy of Uzbekistan;
• 2008 - Personal exhibition in Paris (France);
• 2011 - Personal exhibition at the US Embassy;
• 2012 - World Bank (Tajikistan);
• 2014 - Personal exhibition in Seoul (Korea);
• 2015 - Personal exhibition in Kuwait;
• 2016 - Personal exhibition at the French Embassy;
• 2016 - Personal exhibition in Pratto (Italy);
• 2017 - Personal exhibition in New York (USA);
• 2017 - Personal exhibition in Collodi (Italy, Tuscany);
• 2018 - Personal exhibition in New York (USA);
• 2018 - Personal exhibition in Monastir (Tunisia);
• 2018 - Personal exhibition in Kusadasi (Turkey).

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