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A Family

70 x 100 cm
Oil on canvas, 70*100, 2015

A Family

100 x 75 cm
Oil on canvas, 100*75, 2015

Against All Odds

115 x 78 cm
Oil on canvas, 115*78, 2016


60 x 50 cm
Oil on canvas, 60*50, 2015


120 x 110 cm
Oil on canvas, 120*110, 2015

Crew Cut

115 x 78 cm
Oil on canvas, 115*78, 2015


80 x 120 cm
Oil on canvas, 80*120, 2015


70 x 90 cm
Oil on canvas, 70*90, 2015

Gunel Ravilova was born in 1981 in Baku, the Republic of Azerbaijan, in a family of artists (my mother, my father and my grandfather, the famous artist Areshref Mamedov).
From 1988-1998 – Graduated from secondary school No. 150. From 1998-2002 studied at the Financial and Economic College in the profession “Of Accounting and Audit”.From 2003-2008 – I graduated from Azerbaijan Diplomatic University in the “Of International Law” job.
From 2002-2007, the Military Hospital worked in the Ministry of National Security as a professional “Inspector”.
She received many lessons in drawing from various art schools, as well as from the high artist Togrul Narimanbekov. Since my mother painting teaches painting, she taught painting lessons, which was a good school for me.
Since childhood, she has participated in many exhibitions, including art programs. The first personal exhibition took place at the school.
In 2009, I was a member of the youth branch of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.
And since 2011, I have been a member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan in the Painting section. I am also a member of the International Artists of Activists. I also go to the art committee “Simurg”.
Since 1998 I have taken part in many exhibitions. I took part in more than 70 exhibitions. Gunel also won the first prize in e show “Violence against show Women”. She also participated in many other exhibits, where she was awarded prizes and many diplomas and certificates. She also won first place in the design competition for scarves Menzer Hajiyeva. Took part in the World Art Olympiad WAG, which was held in Croatia. The Museum of Croatia acquired my work “Windmill”. Also, my jobs are available in private collections and museums in different countries. In countries such as Turkey, Italy, Latvia, Austria, Paris, Australia, and many other foreign countries.
In 2014, the Australian Embassy acquired my work “French Kiss.” In 2014 in Palermo, Italy and Paris, my piece “Arletteka” took part in the exhibition. In 2015, in Austria participated in the exhibition “Tolerance” with the work of “Race” In 2016, in Paris, in the Louvre Museum, the show “Carousel de Louvre” was exhibited three of my work, one of which “View from the inside” was sold.
From 2016 to 2017 years. At the moment, I work as an artist and as an artist in making props. Three of my works were exhibited at the metro station, Nariman Narimanov. In 2016 she participated how Azerbaijani designer “Fashion show adije” – she represented her accessories.
Exhibitions with my participation:
05.2005 – Solo exhibition in Italy.
07.2009 – Solo exhibition in Antalya, Turkey
08.2009 – In the Union of Artists
09.2010 – In the Museum Center, “Portrait.”
02.2010 – Exhibition of the Union of Artists.
03.2010 – Exhibition of the Union of Artists
03.2011 – Exhibition of the Union of Artists
03.2011 – I was awarded first place at the exhibition devoted to “Violence against women”.
02.2011 – Artistic Board of the “Expromt.”
03.2012 – Exhibition dedicated to the tea tradition
01.2012 – Artistic Council “Women’s Dreams.”
02.2012 – “The Spring Comes” in the Union of Artists
02.2012 – Artistic Council “Extraordinary day”.
05.2012 – “Germany through the eyes of artists” Kapelhaus-Kirch.
02.2012 – Exhibition of the Union of Artists “Khojaly.”
09.2012 – Baku Creative Center “new season”.
10.2012 – Museum Center “Art Sport.”
11.2012 – “The tragedy of Khojaly.”
11.2012 – Artistic Board of the “Mood.”
12.2012 – Sumgat Art Council “Mood.”
12.2012 – Museum Center “Secrets of the Venetian Masks.”
03.2013 – Museum Center “Under the Sign of Pisces.”
04.2013 – Museum Center “Eks Art.”
05.2013 – Museum of Independence of Azerbaijan
06.2013 – Baku Creative Center “Arts of Azerbaijan -2013”.
06.29.2013 – Croatia WAG World Art Olympiad
10.2013 – The National Museum exhibition “I’m Proud.”
12.2013 – LN Art Center “Khojaly tragedy through the eyes of young artists.”
04.2014-Bacu Expocentre “Water”.
04.2014- Yevlakh and Terter “Tell about Tea from Sarsang.”
05.2014 Exhibition at Parkway Boulevard.
05.2014 – The Baku Gallery. Exhibition “Flowers”.
05.2014 – Exhibition dedicated to the 91st anniversary of the birth of Heydar Aliyev in the House of Heydar Aliyev Museum
05.2014 – Museum of Azerbaijan. Exhibition of young artists “Color of Light.”
05.2014 – Union of Artists. Exhibition-sale.
06.2014 – Art Villa – Plener “The Oriental Tale”.
06.2014 – Art Exhibition “Independence Day” Studio EmArt.
06.2014 – Exhibition of Azerbaijani artists in Riga “The Oriental Tale”.
07.2014 – “Azerbaijan Art Festival-2014”, Exhibitions in 10 cities of Azerbaijan.
07.2014 – Baku Creative Center “Azerbaijan Art Festival-2014”.
09.2014 – Exhibition “World” – Baku Expocentre
09.2014- “The Context of the Century” SOCAR.
10.2014 – “Pomegranate Tree” Shirvanshahs Palace
11.2014 – Exhibition “Granat” in the Park Boulevard shopping and entertainment centre
11.2014 – “Flags of the Khanates of Azerbaijan” – On the Flag Square
11.2014 – “No to drugs.”
12.2014 – “My Ancient Azerbaijan” Museum Center
12.2014 – “Evolution of Traditional Art”, Museum of Modern Art
12.2014 – Exhibition Cafe Media UASB
12.2014 – 1st European exhibition before the Paris Biennale exhibitions in Paris and Palermo.
03.2015 – Arts Gallery & Tavern.
04.2015 – Red Lab. “Red Planet”
12.2015 – The Museum Center. The exhibition is dedicated to the Day of Solidarity.
11.2015 – Museum of Contemporary Art “Mir.”
11.2015 – Natavan gallery “Apple”.
11.2015 – Exhibition at the Four Seasons Hotel, dedicated to oil.
12.2015 – Contemporary Art Project “Earring.”
04.2016 – Union of Artists
04.2016 – Creative Center of Khatai.
04.2016 – Diplomatic Academy “No to Terror”.
04.2016 – Art Gallery. Exhibition of sale
04.2016 – Natavan Gallery. “Sea breeze.”
09.2016 – Art Council “National Values”.
10.2016 – ADEX, “Tolerance, Peace”.
10.21.2016- Louvre carousel, the Louvre Museum.
12.2016. – The Union of Artists “We are for trying on.”
12.2016 – 01.06.2017. – Metro Galleri.