Harshada Khare is an Indian artist born and brought up in Mumbai, currently based in Hong Kong where she has been living for more than six years.

From a background in Technology, Harshada has worked for some early-stage IT ventures in India & Hong Kong. Harshada has always found herself to be an art fanatic be it dancing during childhood or some rare drawing & sketching during her school days.

She discovered her talent for painting after moving to Hong Kong while walking around the city after work. Hong Kong is a fascinating city, she realised it is culturally so much different from Mumbai. There is tremendous street art across the city – beautiful designs, catchy colours, designs that are whimsical at times. This was that one big shift of her life when she strongly sensed she needs to bring her lost interest back to life.

She started exploring painting classes in Hong Kong and came across a young & talented artist from New York. It was expensive, but the mere thought of painting on canvas was new and strongly attractive. Harshada then trained under the professional guidance of this artist who owns one of the renowned art studios in Hong Kong. Painting under the studio lights with soft instrumental music in the background seemed a therapy. Initially, it was more of a new experience painting on canvases, then much of a stress buster amidst a busy & fast paced city like Hong Kong, until it became a need and a passion.

Harshada loves traveling & exploring new places and cities. Exploring different countries always has something new to offer that keeps touching her artistic instincts and this exploration became a source of her inspiration.

Her artwork today is a collection of abstract, landscape, cityscape and mostly freestyle acrylic and oil work. Harshada does not believe in keeping one’s imagination bound to any specific style or focus. For her, it is reflecting her experiences of life through vivid colours, uneven brush strokes and, textures and patterns.

Harshada thrives on expressing her feelings and experiences to the world through her canvas.

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