Imran Nur-Ali is a mystic from painting. An artist by education, one day he felt more than an artist. According to him, the same fracture occurred with him on the day of the death of Salvador Dali. He had a vision that he should become the successor of this great painter in his mission on Earth.
Since that time, Imran Nur-Ali has not just gone into painting on the path of surrealism - he walked the footsteps of Salvador Dali, using his manner, which, in the context of all that Imran Nur-Ali tells, is a kind of key to some higher knowledge. However, the system of symbols of Imran Nur-Ali has its own, and the themes of its homeland - Azerbaijan are actively interwoven in it. The scenes of his paintings Imran Nur-Ali sees, in his words, in a dream - after that he can only transfer to the canvas what he saw.
His exhibition Imran Nur-Ali devoted three works of Salvador Dali - "Geopolitical child watches the birth of a new man" (1943), "Meninas" (1960) and "Battle of Tetuan" (1962). The Azerbaijani artist claims that in the first of these paintings a prophecy concerning himself was given. From an egg depicted in the form of an earthly planet, a middle-aged man appears, and a woman in the picture points to the birthplace of this person - this is Azerbaijan. "A certain mission was assigned to Salvador Dali, and I am the continuer of this program. There will be only four artists with such a mission, "Imran Nur-Ali shares his revelation. He says that the coming to the world of four artists is predicted by each of them about the next. Thus, Dali predicted the arrival of Imran Nur-Ali in the world, and Imran Nur-Ali in his work "The Birth of a New Man" gives the viewer information about the third artist, who, he said, will be born in Brazil. "Through my paintings, the Brazilian artist will prove that he is the third artist," explains Imran Nur-Ali. "And he, in turn, will leave pictures for the fourth artist, who will be born in Nepal."


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