Larisa Orfanidou was born in Kazakhstan on 15 October 1968 now she lives in Greece.  Larisa is a professional wool artist and writer. Her mission is to create art that is a reflection of passion for life and a positive approach to every aspect of today’s realities. 

Sharing passion and happiness with the rest of the world will only make it grow stronger. Her feel privileged to have found two things that She loves in life: poetry and painting with alternative materials. She has been writing poems and songs in Kazakhstan since She was seven years old and started wool art journey a  few years ago. 

Initially, She has been making the wool paintings for herself, then for friends and family and now She decided to share her creations with the world. 

Her creations are made only from organic materials. 

Wool is the main material used in all my paintings, complemented by natural silk for the additional accents and pure cotton that serves as a base. 

She is using multiple techniques to create every canvas including dry, wet and mixed wool twisting.  

Wool art is a great present, you can give it to adults or kids, friends, colleagues, parents and your loved ones. This present will be ideal for any occasion including birthdays, weddings, housewarming or it could be just a present to Yourself!

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Autumn Leaf

Organic wool on pure cotton, 88*63, 2019

Euler Diagrams

Organic wool on pure cotton, 57*98, 2018

Fish Nemo

Organic wool on pure cotton 42*76, 2016


Organic wool on pure cotton, 90*98, 2010

Kandinsky Square

Organic wool on pure cotton, 77*96, 2019


Organic wool on pure cotton, 100*47, 2018


Organic wool on pure cotton, 66*98, 2010

The Cycle

Organic wool on pure cotton, 75*80, 2019

The Figure

Organic wool on pure cotton, 132*107, 2018