Marjan was born in 1968 in Iran.

She is an Iranian artist based in Singapore. Marjan obtained her bachelor of science degree from Isfahan Medical University.

After moving to Singapore, she started to learn painting, and it was her first interest. Marjan achieved certification from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 2008 for western painting (oil).

Marjan's artworks were exhibited in Singapore Art gallery. Meanwhile, she was top 20 artists in online art contest 2017.

Marjan is interested in drawing and painting still life, scenery, peaceful compositions and paintings with messages behind them.

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Bitter to Sweet

Oil on canvas, 76*86, 2011


Mixed media on canvas, 82*82, 2018


Oil on canvas, 102*52, 2018

Fresh and Happiness

Oil on canvas, 102*87, 2009

Look At The Things With Beauty

Mixed media on canvas, 86*107, 2017

Peace In Spring

Mixed media on canvas, 61*91, 2020

Peaceful Mind

Mixed media on canvas, 102*76, 2017

Proud Humble

Oil on canvas, 76*103, 2011


Mixed media on canvas, 26*35, 2020