In Natalia's paintings - colour is the basis; she is always attracted by the ability of colour to influence the human psyche, to convey certain feelings, emotions, and spiritual experiences. Abstraction can be seen as the pursuit of spiritual experience or an experience that transcends the purely aesthetic. In her artwork, she adheres to the point of view that it is an abstract painting that can speak with the artist's unconscious and the viewer. The work capable of carrying this highest spiritual knowledge. Which the viewer can feel through colour and abstract form.

She takes spirituality and morality as the basis for my artwork. But she reveals it through intuitive abstract painting, that is, she is support idea in the strength and connection of our unconscious with what we do. And the higher the spiritual artist's consciousness and unconscious are, the more likely he can integrate this meaning into his work.

Colours can strongly influence a person’s thoughts, feelings, and consciousness. The use of different intensities and various combinations of colours allows the viewer to plunge into the artist's consciousness of his being and the world's perception through colour. The artist speaks to the viewer using colour. Colours have many meanings, and each person can perceive colour differently.

Uniting all the symbolism, her works have a deep symbolic message that everyone can understand. The colour, the plot, and the scale of the painting vividly immerse the viewer in the picture itself, to her spiritual world, my state. It serves as a reminder of the spiritual, natural to the viewer. 

Gold in her art pieces symbolizes the value of knowledge, moment in time. Also using gold in her work as a symbol of radiant happiness at all times. Gold has evoked admiration at all times. The worship of gold can be explained by the fact that it looks like a ray of the sun. It was believed that the sun is made of gold, so this metal was worshipped, and it was believed that it was endowed with divine power. Golden crowns, golden halos under the sun's rays, like little slates. She also strives to achieve these understandings in her work. All these associations are relevant to this day.

As a result, the healing of the soul through experiencing different emotions the viewer's mood replaces to a positive, calm, kind-hearted mood. In the modern world, huge cities full of stress and greyness, people need to express their emotions and feelings, heal their own self souls, and avoid the negative effect of stress.

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Calm And Cold City

Mixed media on canvas, 51*40, 2020

Effect Of Green

Mixed media on canvas, 121*61, 2021

Happy You

Mixed media on canvas, 92*92, 2021

Lyrical Landscape Effect

Mixed media on canvas, 101*152, 2021

Methodology Of Yourself

Mixed media on canvas, 92*92, 2021

Moscow Winter

Mixed media on canvas, 80*60, 2021

Purple Dreams Effect

Mixed media on canvas, 101*76, 2021


Acrylic on canvas, 60*80, 2020