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Lyrical Landscape Effect

101 x 152 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 101*152 cm, 2021

Methodology Of Yourself

92 x 92 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 92*92 cm, 2021


60 x 80 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 60*80 cm, 2020

Life Effect

120 x 90 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 120*90 cm, 2021

Bound 1

45 x 45 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 45*45, 2022


76 x 101 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 76*101, 2022

Monday March 7

102 x 76 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 102*76, 2022


90 x 90 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 90*90, 2022

Naked Blue

60 x 120 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 60*120, 2022

Winter Effect

80 x 60 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 80*60 cm, 2021


102 x 76 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 102*76, 2022

Follow My Lead

91 x 91 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 91*91, 2022

Natalia Denisko began painting when she took a fine art course while studying humanities in Russia; she then went on to gain a degree in business management in Shanghai. Since moving to Singapore and completing many art courses at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and LASALLE College of the Arts, Natalia rediscovered her passion for painting.
Natalia strongly believes that the process of creating must flow naturally from the heart and never stem from the feeling of “I must”. She allows her mind to whirl ideas when working on art to create her best pieces.
Natalia believes that colour can strongly influence a person’s thoughts, feelings, and consciousness. She leverages her rich knowledge of the colour spectrum to speak with her viewers. To her, colours have many meanings, and each person can perceive the same differently. Natalia uses a combination of different intensities to allow her viewers to plunge into her consciousness of living and the world’s perception through the colour scheme.
Her artworks are seen to have frequent use of gold, which symbolizes the value of knowledge and moments in time. The gold flakes, in retrospect, are also used as a symbol of radiant happiness and have always evoked admiration in Natalia.
Her works have a profound symbolic message that everyone can understand. The colour, the plot, and the scale of the paintings vividly immerse her viewers into the picture and her spiritual world. The paintings serve as a reminder of the spiritual and natural effects to the viewer.
During her studies at NAFA, Natalia began receiving numerous orders from interested buyers and invitations to conduct abstraction lessons.