Natalie was born in Russia to a Russian-Ukrainian family and grew up in Siberia, where she absorbed the spirit of nature and a multicultural environment. She underwent a big influence from her grandmother, who was a spiritual person and from her parents who were mathematicians and always looked for answers beyond the visible reality.

Her first experience with art was observing the Orthodox icons on the wall of her grandmother's bedroom, where little Natalie slept and played as her grandmother prayed. As a child, she was also fascinated by bright colours and dreamy patterns of traditional Ukrainian and Russian clothes, illustrations and objects. 

While studying Art History at Moscow State University, Natalie spent countless hours over prehistoric, Egyptian, Babylonian, Mesopotamian, Byzantine, Indian, Chinese and Japanese artworks. 

Natalie mainly works with paintings, photographs and collage and uses her cultural background, travels and experiences to develop a style referred to by many as “Modern Icons”

The meditative and fantasizing style of a Russian artist opens the doors to new ideas, helps to observe life from a new perspective and brings strong sensations. Natalie’s art welcomes you to unfold the feeling of balance as you travel through different worlds, which are in fact our dreams.

Natalie currently lives in Bali, Indonesia with her husband and four children.

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Kind Hearts

Acrylic on cardboard, 32*37, 2019