Nikolay Didenko was born in 1953 in Mary, Turkmenistan. In 1974 he graduated Arts College. From 1980 Didenko became Lenin's Komsomol Prize Winner, Ashgabat, till 1982, he worked in the studio of Sergey Zarovnov in "Sinezh," creating works of art in the engraving technique, designed books of Turkmen writers. He also took part in Republican, All-Union, and Foreign Exhibitions.

1980 - Moscow. The Glory of Labor.
1980 - Contest of "100 years of Ashgabat". II - bonus.
1980 - Bulgaria. Groupe Exhibition of Turkmen Artists.
1981 - Moscow. The youth of the country.
1982 - Denmark. Exhibition Academy of Arts.
1983 - Turkmen Art.
1984 - Syria. The Artists of Turkmenistan.
1989 - Baku. Biennial of Caspian Republic. III - bonus.

"Women of Turkmenistan"
"Classics of Turkmenistan"
"The Melody of Turkmenistan"
"Ashgabat 100 years."

Artworks of Nikolay purchased by president of Turkmenistan Palace, museums of Turkmenistan, Russia (Museum of East), Poland and Private Collections of Denmark, Sweden, USA, Japan, Bulgaria, France, Italy, and others.

Nikolay passed away in Turkmenistan in 2018



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