1980 - studying at the MHPU (former Stroganov) at the department of monumental and decorative painting in the workshop of GM Korzhev.
1992 - membership in the Ministry of Agriculture.

1984 - participation in the Moscow exhibitions.

Since 2002 - the artist's passion - teaching children the basics of painting in the municipal children's educational establishment "Leader", training teenagers for entering Stroganovka.

2012 - an exhibition of works in the CHA for the 80th anniversary of the Moscow Union of Artists.

He is a regular participant of Russian and international competitions.

She especially likes painting, but also works in the field of monumental and decorative art, is fond of painting, ceramics, mosaics, restoration, and easel painting. Many public buildings in Moscow store an imprint of the creative imagination of the artist, in the design of which he took part.

Many of his works are in the Local History Museum in Arkhangelsk, in the Pushkin Museum, the Museum of Military Glory, in galleries, in private collections in the US, Germany, Canada.



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