Olga Belka is a professional underwater artist, the only underwater portraitist in the world. She developed a unique technology of painting in saltwater, allowing her to paint pictures from nature, detailing the smallest details of the underwater world.

Over the past few years alone, seven personal exhibitions of underwater painting have been held in different countries. Olga participated in international projects and events. 

Olga Belka is a solo diver and a diving instructor. Also, she is a professional artist and art teacher.

The last five years she has been mainly living in Thailand and teaching diving to children and adults. She can teach from the beginner to the professional level. But what people who can’t afford scuba diving do? How can they see underwater beauties? It is impossible to render this beauty with photos and videos. Every time, while scuba diving, Olga Belka wanted to capture the underwater beauty and share her impressions with other people. Olga always says that to be an artist is more than a profession, it is a mission. She wants to share her vision of the underwater kingdom with the world. That is why she creates paintings underwater. The sea is a boundless resource of inspiration and energy for her.

Olga conquered the guests at the exhibition in Taiwan. From April 26 to April 29 famous exhibition Art Revolution Taipei 2019 was held in Taiwan. 

As a special guest, underwater artist Olga Belka tooke part in an internationally unique event – Thailand Yacht Show & RendezVous in Phuket in Royal Phuket Marina from January 10 to 13, 2019.


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Almost Zebras

Mixed media on canvas, 40*30, 2018

At Sunrise

Mixed media on canvas, 40*30, 2017

Be Striped

Mixed media on canvas, 50*70, 2019

Beyond the Earth

Mixed media on canvas, 40*30, 2019

Blooming of the Day

Mixed media on canvas, 30*50, 2017

Blue and Yellow

Mixed media on canvas, 25*50, 2019

Boxy Friends

Mixed media on canvas, 40*60, 2019

Chest with Fairy

Mixed media on canvas, 30*50, 2018

Curly Sea

Mixed media on canvas, 50*40, 2017

Cute Talks

Mixed media on canvas, 20*30, 2019


Mixed media on canvas, 50*70, 2017