Olga's path as an artist started at 4 years old in Ukraine when her mother brought her to the art school as she sensed her interest in drawing. Since that time her life, work and education were continuously filled with arts in different instances. From basic art school, through graduating from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts, through multiple art-travel tours across museums of Europe, US, and Asia - to work challenges in commercial design and digital graphics, and back to fine arts. And here Olga is painting in Singapore where the life routes and family have led her to. Olga is a big lover of traditional arts and has a strong classical base. She believes this is a foundation for any further form of expression. This background also gives her the courage to continuously experiment in various styles and to be open to modern and conceptual arts. She went through different media and uses mostly oil and watercolour today. She gains inspiration from simple objects around us, these small invisible things that happen every day, every moment. In our fast pace of life and information - Olga wants to help people take a breath from the daily rush and reflect on the remarkable events that surround us. There are no ordinary moments - something is always happening... And Olga is trying to reflect the things that she finds remarkable in her work.

LASALLE College of the Arts
Oil Painting / 2017 / Singapore

Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (KSADA)
Graphic Design, Bachelor's Degree / 2004 - 2010 / Ukraine

Zaporizhzhya Electro-Technical College (ZETK)
Graphic Design, Junior Specialist Diploma / 2000 - 2004 / Ukraine

Art School / Fine Arts / 1991-2000 / Ukraine

Exhibitions and Events:

Personal Fine Art Exhibition
by Olga Ibadullayeva

November 2018/ Visual Arts Centre

Watercolor Master-Class by artist Olga Ibadullayeva “Christmas in watercolour”

December 2019/“Libitum” Music Studio

Christmas Market at The Hive Lavender
December 2019

The Hive Lavender

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Evening Istanbul

Watercolour on paper, 36*51, 2019

Spring Sunset

Watercolour on paper, 31*41, 2019

The Twilights

Watercolour on paper, 31*41, 2019