Rahman is an outstanding representative of easel painting, Master of Ceramic Art.

1968 - was born in the village Talhanbazar of the Lebap velayat.

1987 - graduated from the Ashgabat Art School named after Shota Rustaveli and Tashkent Theater and Art Institute. Ostrovsky.

1994 - graduated from Tashkent State Art and Theater Institute named after Begzad.

Work as a teacher at the Lebap Art School of Arts.

2001 - 2005 - Director of the Art School in Turkmenabad.

2005 - the first departure to Moscow for two weeks to participate in the exhibition "Habitat" in the Central House of Artists.

2008 - victory in the contest of the President of Turkmenistan "Türkmeniň altyn asyry" ("Altyn Asyr").

Rahman is the participant in numerous art exhibitions in different cities of Russia, Uzbekistan, France and Turkey.

2010 - exhibition "The World through the Eyes of Artists" in Germany.

2011 - an exhibition in Paris and an acquaintance with the artists of Iran, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, collections of 200 museums, which gave a new impetus to development.

2013 - the family exhibition of Rahman, Dilber and Jeyran Umarov in the large exhibition hall of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan.

2016 - exhibition at the exhibition centre of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan.

Landscapes and thematic works occupy a special place in the artist's work, glorifying the nature of Turkmenistan and the life of the people. Artfully harmonising with cold and warm tones, he created in his paintings the tenderness and beauty of the Turkmen girls.


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Ray of Light

Oil on canvas, 162*62, 2017


Oil on canvas, 90*120, 2016

Singapore Port

Acrylic on canvas, 92*122, 2014