In 1999 I became interested in Hip-Hop culture, namely graffiti, this was the beginning of my career. Subsequently, the graffiti was relegated to the 2nd plan, replaced by street art and experiments on the canvas. In 2004 entered Cherepovets State University at the graphic art faculty, from that moment began to try to paint on canvas. graduated in 2009

Main Directions Pop Art, Street Art. I experiment all the time, connect different styles and trends, currently working in unique combinations of elements of pop art, street art, geometry, I add various textural elements (film, audio cassettes, CDs, Vinyl records). I like to use bright, saturated, sometimes fluorescent, acid colours in my works. The central part of my paintings are portraits, both famous people and little-known ones. In her artworks, she pays great attention to the beauty and expressiveness of women's eyes, often emphasising this: inspiration scoop from different sources, Photo, video, film, the world, people.

At the moment, I work closely with ancient forms and street culture (graffiti/street art / public art /visual art) The purpose of Art is to prolong the life of antiquity in the aesthetics of the modern city. The goal of each artist, while preserving and respecting the hereditary ones, is to contribute something of his own. My new series of works is called Urban Antiquity - I mix antiquity in it, I unleash art and street tags, calligraphy and street art techniques. In this series, not only works on canvas but also custom shoes and clothes (painted leather and denim jackets, sneakers and boots)

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Mixed media on canvas, 90*90, 2017

Not Her Eyes

Mixed media on canvas, 90*90, 2018


Mixed media on canvas, 90*90, 2018

Urban Antiquity #5

Mixed media on canvas, 80*60, 2018

М 16

Mixed media on canvas, 80*70, 2016