Was born in 1919.
Painter, representative of the underground.
1944 - the end of Moscow State University, training from LA Zenkevich.
1945 - left the science, became a professional artist; illustrating the books of LA Zenkevich, posters, teaching aids for the Biophak of Moscow State University.
Teaching painting in the ISO-Studio at the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and in the Studio at the Club. Serafimovich, the artist G. Ryazhsky.
Since 1960, she was one of the first students Eliya Belyutina and for almost half a century is part of his famous studio (later became the studio "New Reality"), participates in all of its exhibitions.
1962 - I exhibition of Russian abstractionists on Taganskaya.
1962 - I exhibition of the Russian avant-garde in the Manezh, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Moscow Union of Artists, with a scandalous visit to Khrushchev.
2009 - retrospective exhibition at the Gallery on Solyanka.

Works are kept in the State Tretyakov Gallery and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Russian museums (Kaliningrad, Orel, Istra), as well as in Western museums - Lithuania, Hungary, LNG countries, USA, Germany, Luxembourg, Cyprus. Exhibited in New York, London, Warsaw, Lodz, Budapest, Cyprus, Frankfurt in Main.

The contact of the artist with the surrounding reality is very dramatic, and this dramatism is enhanced by the ability of Preobrazhensky to concentrate on human emotion, using the tension of the pictorial space. Preobrazhenskaya conveys the rhythm and scale of the coming century, the need to make a choice - to accept changes or to be on the sidelines of life.



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