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Fields of Poppies in French Champagne

54 x 73 cm
Oil on canvas, 54*73, 2015

French Breakfast with Gold Spoon

50 x 70 cm
Oil on canvas, 50*70, 2009

Golden Fish

25 x 30 cm
Oil on canvas, 25*30, 2015

Irises and Dragonfly in Champagne

60 x 50 cm
Oil on canvas, 60*50, 2010

Peonies and Dragonfly

60 x 50 cm
Oil on canvas, 60*50, 2010

Roses and Butterfly

60 x 50 cm
Oil on canvas, 60*50, 2010.

Victoria Bordier is a French-Russian painter artist, born into a family of chemist engineers. I have loved painting since my earliest childhood… At first, I painted on everything around me: the walls, the curtains, the tapestry… Later, I studied for two years in a painting workshop and finally at the School of Fine Arts for four years (1978). I received my graduation as a painter artist at 16 years old, and then my high school degree at 18 years old (1980).

After finishing my five years of studies at the Institute of Textile Engineering (1985), I worked for many years in the fashion area as a stylist and technologist for clothing. At the same time, I also continued to do my paintings. Finally, I became a painter, artist and engineer at the same time… I think that those competencies help me to create art, starting from abstract ideas to reproducing reality.

2017: Participation in the “Vitrines de Reims” competition, 1st prize for the public

Solo Exhibitions
2001: Exhibitions (from 2001 to 2005) in the Paulhac Castle (43100 France)
2009: Showroom at Sézanne (51120 France)
2010: The Arcades of the Royal Bridge, Troyes (10000 France)
2012 : Exhibition hall at Schumer, Sézanne (51120 France)
2016: Exhibition at the Media Library, Sézanne (51120 France)
2017 : Exhibition at the “Foyer Françoise de Sales Aviat”, Sézanne (51120 France)
2017: Exhibition in the Greta Conference Room, Sézanne (51120 France)
2018: Exhibition in the Flowers Room, Epernay (51200 France)
2019 : Exhibition at “Rougier & Plé,” Troyes (10000 France)

Group Exhibition
2000: Troyes CGB (10000 France) – The Building Trades
2010: Exhibition at Bertangles Castle (collective), “Friends of the Somme”, Bertangles (France)
2021: Exhibition at Bertangles Castle (joint), “Friends of the Somme”, Bertangles (France)
2022: Exhibition at Artsy