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Fancy treating yourself or your loved ones to an exclusive work of art? Are you willing to impress someone special with an original gift? Would you like to add a rare and beautiful item to the interior decor of your home or office? Our online store "Exquisite Art" leave no stone unturned in getting you the best of Art for all of your needs. We will make sure that we help you own that loved art piece that you had always desired.

In the increasingly competitive world we help you reinvent the rules of the game...create limited edition memorabilia’s, add an artistic touch to your homes/offices/hotels or soul and create something truly enviable... Our collection consists exclusively of original paintings, portraits of famous people, as well as handmade wooden African ritual masks. The treasure of the Gallery is unusual and rare collection of Australian Aborigines art. The entire limited edition collection is available exclusively at Exquisite Art.

Enjoy the Beauty of Art with us!

Be amazed by our skilled and talented creators of astonishingly beautiful paintings and portraits.

Admire unique masterpieces that you will never find somewhere else.

Unique artworks for individuals and businesses.

Are you decorating your home or office space? Would you like to purchase the only one of its kind original painting or a number of pieces for a corporate set up? We are here to assist you. Special corporate rates are available.

Your portrait painted by an eminent contemporary artist is a reality!

Create a memory for generations to come! A truly professional artist will help you to become a part of the art world. Only in our store you are able to order your portrait painted by the internationally esteemed Royalties portrait painter, Volha Bazyleva. She was commissioned to write portraits by Princess Gloria and Catholic Pope.

Would you like to commission an artist to paint your portrait? Just Click.

Custom painting is our speciality!

Add to your painting collection a personalized piece. Exquisite Art's exclusive artist will paint your portrait in any chosen style, with different materials and techniques. Custom made paintings give you the ability to create stunning and unusual artworks. Any questions? Call us!

Verify the authenticity of artwork yourself.

Looking for an original work of art? We only carry original artworks. We are always pleased to show artworks to you or agent working on your behalf. Kindly call and arrange a viewing at our Singapore office. We provide all the necessary facilities for art inspection.

Buy Art without any hassle

We will deliver that loved art piece that you had chosen from our gallery to your doorstep at any location of the world. We ensure its safety and security. We guarantee no risk of theft, damage and or replacement. All you have to do is only click and purchase your artwork — we will take care of the rest.

Our Art experts services at your convenience

We offer a wide range of specialized services to meet the unique requirements of the art market. Exquisite Art experienced professional art experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer all your queries. To find out more about our arts and services, contact us today.

Fascinate, astonish, collect and invest

We offer various works of art for all tastes and purposes at our store. You will find art works created using a wide range of painting and drawing techniques with various materials. Paintings are performed in different styles and genres, with different feelings and emotional expressions, in the wide range colour palette.

In our collection you will find astonishing and mesmerising artworks. We are proud to offer pieces which can be the main future in the centre of attention of any collection. Our artworks will continue to hold or increase its value over time. Contemporary art is offering the top reward and can be a significant investment in your future.

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