1941 – was born in Margilan city, Uzbekistan. 1959-64 – studied at the Republican Art College named after P.P. Benkov (Painting Department), Tashkent. 1964-69 – studied at the Tashkent State Theater and Art Institute nabbed after A.N. Ostrovskiy (Book Illustration), Tashkent. 1969-71 – art editor of "Gafur Gulyam" publishing house.

Dr Bee Bee Sng is currently a Lecturer in Research Methodology and Academic Writing Skills in the local universities and two bible colleges in Singapore. She has also served as a volunteer assisting teachers in the St Andrew Autism Children Centre for one year in the past. She graduated with a Doctorate in Education specializing in Education Management from the Leicester University, UK. and a Masters of Arts specializing in English Studies from National University of Singapore. Her research interests are educational change, English Language Teaching and Social Media.

Debdut is an Indian artist based in Singapore. Debdut was born in 1977 in India. In 2000 he graduated in mechanical engineer and has been working in Information Technology across different geographies. Debdut moved to Singapore in 2008 and currently works as a Director in an IT company. Debdut has been an art enthusiast since his student life and taken part in various exhibitions in his home country. His art works are marked by vibrant colour combinations and exciting harmony of figures and shapes. His latest canvases are dedicated to abstract interplay of colours and shapes, human figures and interesting portraits.

Dilorom Mamedova was born in 1974 in Tashkent. In 1992 graduated from the Republican boarding school of fine and applied art, then in 1998 the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute named after A.Ostrovski, the department of easel painting. Since 1998 is a member Creative Association of Artists of Uzbekistan.

The painter, poet. People’s Artist of Uzbekistan. Born in Buzuluk (Russia). He has lived in Uzbekistan starting from 1948. In 1953, he finished the Benkov Republican Art School, then, in 1960 the Ostrovsky State Theatre and Art Institute in Tashkent. He is a member of the Artist’s Union of Uzbekistan, participant in art exhibitions and plein airs in the Republiс and abroad. He is the master of genre painting, the author of famous canvases «Ulak», «Horse Race at the Tashkent Hippodrome», «Lyricism» and others. He efficiently works in various genres – portrait, landscape, still life. A talented colorist who is really fond of nature of Uzbekistan, the artist prefers to paint from nature and in the open air (plein-air), though no less he succeeds in his own compositions such as «Corrida» and others. E. Melnikov’s brushwork is close to that of postimpressionists painters with whom he never stopped communicating through all his creative life addressing them his pictorial dedications: «The Self-Portrait in the Mirror», «Dedication to Modigliani», «Vineyards», «May in Su-Kok» and others.

Khurshid Ziyakhanov was born in 1958 in Tashkent. In 1987 he finished the Theatrical Institute, where he followed classes at the graphic department. Since then he worked as graphic designer for publishing houses. He also takes part in various exhibitions in his home country as well as abroad. The originality of the talent of Khurshid Ziyakhanov appeared in the beginning of the nineties, when the artist fully dedicated himself to painting. He developed himself quickly, finding his own individual style in the spectrum of modem painting of Uzbekistan. The paintings of this period are displayed on the exhibition and reflect the formation of the style of the artist, which happenеd by working and creating with a free spirit. This process find its origins in the avant-garde of the 20th century in combination with the rich tradition of folkloric art. Being attracted to different artistic ideas, Khurshid found a interesting interpretation of surrealism and cubism, for the expression of the East in historical and mythological settings. His latest canvases are dedicated to musicians, folkloric shapes, warriors and holy men. They are painted with bright colors, harmony of forms and deformation of figures which revives the ancient tradition of the East, which talent develops this modern master.

Natalia Novikova was born on November 9, 1976 in the city of Moscow. From early childhood traveled a lot around the country. She lived in the Arctic, in the Far East, in the Baltics. Currently he lives in Moscow. She studied in the art studio under the guidance of Alexey Alekseevich Kleidins, worked a lot in various techniques (graphics, gouache, watercolor, pastel). She was a pupil of the Honored Artist of Russia Mark Viktorovich Ginzburg, the author of an exclusive method of teaching painting.

Nurillo Khudaymuradov was born on November 20, 1960 in Uzbekistan's village Zarabag, Sherabad district, Surkhandarya region. The first mentors of the artist were his brother Narzullo Khubullayev, Babaniyaz Kurbanov, and the master of Uzbek painting Ruzi Charyev. In 1981-1985, he studied at the Art School named after P.P. Benkov. His teacher there was Mathitdin Umarov. Having graduated successfully from the school, he studied in St. Petersburg at the Repin Institute of Painting and Sculpture (Faculty of Easel Painting) under Natalya Suzdaleva, Boris Lavrenko, and at the studio of the professor Boris Ugarov.

Shakhnoz Abdullaeva was born in 1965 in the art capital of Central Asia city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In 1989 she graduated from The Theatrical Art Institute of Ostrovsky. Shakhnoz has been an active participant in international art exhibitions since 1988, and her original paintings can be found in both private and national collections. Shakhnoz Abdullaeva is a famous Uzbek artist. The main themes of her works are the women of the East – legendary poetesses, queens and goddesses. Her works fascinate by its elegant color combinations and interesting stories.

Shukhrat was born in 1970 in Samarkand. In 1989 he graduated from the Republican Art College named after P. Benkov. In 1995 he graduated from the Tashkent Theater and Art Institute. Painting, for Shukhrat Abdumalikov, is not just a hobby, but a way of life with a constant search for a theme, color, and form. The world created by the artist is lyrical and fragile, poetic and uneasily vulnerable. There is always a sharp, personal attitude of the artist in search of depth and harmony, remaining within the framework of canonical characters and subjects. The characters of his paintings are silent. They seem to sit for the artist. Their plasticity is static. This engenders the dialogue effect between the picture and the viewer. The "static nature" of the picture lets the viewer to immerse into its inner world, but at the same moment there is a feeling that it is studying the viewer looking at it.

Veronica is a South Korean artist based in Singapore. Currently she is working on 'From the Sea" series with oil pastel. All creatures in this series have various colors of the sea. Since she travels a lot to South-east Asian countries, she gets inpiration from the sea which changes colors depends on time, depth and weather.

Volha Bazyleva born in Belarus. From early childhood favorite pastime of Olga was drawing. When it came time to enter a university, the choice focused on the Institute of business in Minsk (Belarus). Then she moved to Germany and improve the German language. Two years later, he moved to Italy and was very impressed by its nature. She got married and began teaching art in Italy. But the real passion for painting manifested itself. Olga shows already passed in South Tyrol (North Italy) and the German city of Regensbur (Regensburg). Experts say that for a young artist is characterized by genre diversity. It is safe to work in different techniques. For example: landscapes, still lifes, animalistic work samples in abstract art, works of different techniques (oil, acrylic, straws, pastel, graphics). Very interesting are the portraits of famous personalities. The brightest of them a portrait of the artist herself said Pope Benedict. She managed to get an audience with the Pope's brother - Georg Ratzinger. He really liked the picture. He even named the best picture of those who have the Pope.

Winnie Wong was born in Hong Kong, and fell in love with drawing and painting at the tender age of five. Being determined to pursue her passion and to drive social change through art, she made the bold leap from a fantastic professional career to the territory of the absolute unknown - to become an aspiring artist. She received training in oil painting through the Lasalle College of the Arts, in Singapore, in addition to having received professional training for oil painting in Hong Kong. She also started exploring abstract art with the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, and had been practicing art actively until today.

Yulia McGrath was born in 1985 in Russia. She graduated with Master's degree with Honours from Moscow State University and moved to Singapore in 2008 to pursue her Doctorate Degree in Applied Physics. She has been living and working in Singapore for 9 years. Main area of her interest was always art and painting. She works with different mediums such as oil, graphics, pastels etc. Majority of her works are inspired by nature and humankind as a part of it.

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