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“Sculpture is the art of the intelligence.” – Pablo Picasso

If you are look for a contemporary sculpture for your living room or some stunning artworks to beautify your interior, then Exquisite Art is the website for you. With numerous art pieces on sale, we are the leading online art gallery in Singapore. Our collection incorporates original and unique works by experienced, gifted and eloquent artists from Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe.

Crafted by a skilled and experienced team of artists, we house the most intricate handmade sculptures for sale on our online catalogue for our customers and art enthusiasts in Singapore. We take pride in offering a huge range of unique and one-of-a-kind artworks. Suitable as ornamental and decorative furnishings for your living space and as collectible items to add to your collection – there is something on our website for everyone!

Browse Exquisite Art’s range of contemporary sculpture pieces and other artworks on sale for your collection in Singapore now!

Elegance and Intricacy

Sculpture is a form of visual art which involves three dimensions of space – namely, the length, breadth and depth. Contemporary sculpture pieces have grown in popularity. Exquisite Art’s artworks are crafted by our team of professional artists with maximum precision and put up for sale in Singapore.

The team at Exquisite Art has a keen eye for detail and a burning passion for artistic works. With numerous years of experience and well-versed knowledge about key art techniques, our works are unlike any others. Rest assured that when you browse our art collection, you will be completely blown away by our series of works!

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Exquisite Art prides itself on putting the most stunning and original contemporary sculpture pieces and artworks up for sale in Singapore. If you are keen to learn more about our services or inquire about our artworks, then feel free to get in touch with us!

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Wooden wall sculpture, 22*22*1, 2017


Bronze, 38*50*48, 12 kg, 2002


A small wooden sculpture, 10,20*10*2,50, 2019


Wall wooden sculpture, 12*17*1,5, 2019



Still Life

Wall wooden sculpture, 19*19*1, 2017