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It Comes and Goes in Waves

61 x 61 cm
Oil on canvas, 61*61 cm, 2023

Pink Sunset 1

101 x 76 cm
Oil on canvas, 101*76 cm, 2021 

Pink Sunset 2

101 x 76 cm
Oil on canvas, 101*76 cm, 2022

Red Palm Forest

91 x 121 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 91*121 cm, 2023

Sentosa Sunrise

101 x 76 cm
Oil on canvas, 101*76 cm, 2022

Ti Plant

101 x 76 cm
Oil on canvas 101*76 cm, 2023

Ti Plant 2

121 x 91 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 121*91 cm, 2023

Margarita Buttenmueller, a Singapore-based artist originally from Russian Federation, is a master of oil and acrylic mediums, focusing on contemporary landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits. Her artistic journey commenced in 2012 with casual art lessons in Singapore, igniting a creative spark. She then ventured to London in 2014, where she honed her skills at renowned institutions like The Art Academy, Morley College, and Central Saint Martins while concurrently working in business development. A move to New York led Margarita to embrace art as her full-time calling. She refined her craft at the Art Students League of New York and Bridgeview School of Fine Arts.

Since 2017, Margarita’s art has graced exhibitions in New York and Singapore, captivating global audiences and collectors from the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, and Russia. Her recent return to Singapore sees her exploring diverse art styles and mediums, particularly delving into the beauty of Singapore’s nature. Margarita’s paintings balance realism and abstraction, inviting viewers into her interpretation of nature’s allure.

With a belief in art’s capacity to foster profound connections, Margarita’s work transcends mere portrayal to evoke a deep appreciation for the environment. Her journey, peppered with notable exhibitions and enriching experiences, continues to shape her dynamic and captivating artistic identity.