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Autumn Serenity

40 x 50 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 40*50, 2021

Body and Soul

81 x 58 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 81*58 cm, 2023

Brushed Dance

46 x 46 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 46*46 cm, 2023

Coral Flame

40 x 50 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 40*50, 2021

Date with Night Queen

50 x 40 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 50*40, 2018

Endless Summer

45 x 60 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 45*60, 2021

Enigmatic Ballerina

84 x 60 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 84*60, 2019

Fading Emotions

92 x 123 cm
Oil on canvas, 92*123 cm, 2022

Garden of Eden

60 x 90 cm
Oil on canvas, 61*91, 2015

Golden Streets of Heaven

76 x 102 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 76*102, 2019

Life is Full of Beauty

90 x 45 cm
Mixed media on canvas, 90*45, 2019


60 x 60 cm
Oil on canvas, 60*60, 2017

Monica Aggarwal’s artistic journey is a tale of diverse passions and creative pursuits. Originating from India, she thrived in London, where she honed her teaching skills and embraced her role as an educator. Her early ventures into the fashion industry, with roles as a designer and coordinator, left a lasting imprint. While teaching held a special place, she yearned for the artistic outlet she once cherished.

Fuelled by innate creativity, Monica’s relocation to Singapore rekindled her childhood passion for painting. Rejecting the confines of a singular style, she thrives on exploring various forms, styles, and textures in her art. Drawing inspiration from nature’s vivid palette, she infuses her work with vibrant hues, celebrating life’s beauty.

Monica gravitates toward expansive canvases and mixed media, crafting a collection that resonates with her artistic evolution. Her recent focus on landscapes captures the world around her, revealing her deep connection with nature. She established Piku Arts in Singapore, becoming a prominent figure in the city’s art scene.

Local and global exhibitions mark Monica’s artistic odyssey and impactful initiatives like the “Be the Light” online art exhibition, which raised substantial funds during the pandemic. Her art adorns homes worldwide, from Delhi to Dubai, a testament to its universal allure. As an avid amateur theatre and event management participant, Monica continues exploring her creative boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the art world and Indian cinema.