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Birch Tree

120 x 90 cm
Oil on canvas, 120*90 cm, 2019

Birch Tree

60 x 150 cm
Oil on canvas, 60*150 cm, 2019

Birches White

55 x 145 cm
Oil on canvas, 55*145 cm, 2018

Fish Koi

120 x 160 cm
Oil on canvas, 120*160 cm, 2016

Last Snow in March

120 x 120 cm
Oil on canvas, 120*120 cm, 2020

Rain Tree

40 x 55 cm
Bronze, 38*55*3 cm, 2016

Robe for Lord

180 x 130 cm
Oil on canvas, 180*130 cm, 2016

Rocky Cypress

56 x 5 cm
Bronze, 70*5*3 cm, 2012

Summer Fragrances

120 x 120 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 120*120 cm, 2018

Swiss Winter

60 x 90 cm
Acrylic on canvas, 60*90 cm, 2020

Trilogy I

100 x 100 cm
Oil on canvas, 100*100 cm, 2018

Trilogy II

95 x 95 cm
Oil on canvas, 95*95 cm, 2018

Having been born into an artist’s family, Vitaly Didenko found himself looking at the world through a creative lens and from different perspectives from a young age, even as a young child; Maximalism and Nihilism were often part of his style of self-expression on the canvas.  

Later in life, Vitaly was exposed to different mediums, including ceramics, textiles, plastic, wood and making sculptures out of copper, bronze and steel. Working with new materials and influences allowed him to develop his unique artistic style, using mixed media to create the desired effect and texture. Through his art, Vitaly boldly explores landscapes, urbanscapes, and abstracts primarily created using oils and acrylics on canvas. 

Turkmenistan is a beautiful country full of Decorative Arts. Having spent a large part of his time studying in this decorative sphere, Vitaly’s compositions are graphic elucidations from his real-life stories or lores that he transforms into stylized ornaments through symbolism. A significant influence on Vitaly’s work is his birthplace.  

Having travelled and worked in many different countries throughout his life, Vitaly’s exposure to and discoveries from various cultures and their values have equipped him with the ability to compare and enrich his world as an artist.  

Vitaly’s work has been exhibited internationally in Russia, Iran, the United Kingdom, Kazakstan, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Finland, and the United Arab Emirates.